Adaptations, Remixes, and Mashups Module Progress

This particular module was very product-based.  As such, my goal was to produce a mashup (preferably a trailer mashup given my video-editing experience).  Over the holiday, my brother happened to see my dad and I watching the Sunday talk shows.  He commented that the rise of Donald Trump reminded him of House of Cards.  I decided to take this idea and run with it.  I viewed recent trailers for the show, and decided to use the song from the third season called Counting Bodies Like Sheep by A Perfect Circle.  I then searched for various clips of Donald Trump, including ones depicting protests against him, Rubio’s concession speech, and Chris Christie’s famous facial expressions.  I then combined these in a trailer-esque video (taking maybe 4-5 hours) and uploaded it to YouTube.

YouTube immediately tagged the video as having copyrighted content.  As such, it was blocked in one country (Germany), and blocked on mobile devices.  In addition, the claimant will be able to place ads on my video.  While these restrictions are somewhat annoying, the video remains largely available.

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