Circling Back to Show Your Work!

Well, we’ve come full circle and have returned to exploring the importance of showing your work.  To me this emphasis on documenting one’s process has two main benefits.  For one, it keeps viewers engaged and invested in a creator’s work, as they are essentially teased with progress until the completion of the final product.  However, it also democratizes the creation process.  Communicating and sharing how you complete projects may inspire others to try their hand at it this work.  As such creativity may further more creativity.

From a design standpoint, Kleon uses visuals to break up the text in order to keep readers engaged.  Viewers (especially on e-screens) get tired of looking at blocks of text, so intermingling visually appealing items will help prevent fatigue.  In addition, these images often complement the points Kleon makes in each section.  For instance, there’s a great visual in the 2nd chapter of a swirling scribble with the phrase “Process is Messy,” labeled on it.  This not only makes a statement about accepting messiness, but demonstrates it with a symbolically messy design.  Including these sorts of depictions will help drive home his main messages while also reaching readers who are more visually-minded learners.  Furthermore, Kleon also has pull-out quotes that are more visually orientated to emphasize larger points.  Many of these have asymmetric backgrounds that hearken back to the theme of accepting messiness as a part of the creative process.  Ultimately all of these uses demonstrate how Kleo successfully utilizes design to compliment his work.

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