I’ve opted to review the Memes Show.  The topic is particularly relevant to our focus on the Internet.  The spread of memes is an excellent demonstration of the phenomenon of “going viral” and their popularity is incredible.  Naturally I was intrigued as to how a radio show would cover this topic.  I appreciated the structure of the show itself, first beginning with definitions and history regarding the memes before discussing some very popular/relevant memes.  I felt that some of the initial history segment was rather slow-going, but this quickly moved on to the memes themselves.  I appreciated the observation that some of the best memes seemingly materialize from nowhere.  This is very true, as you cannot predict what will become a meme.  I also recognized many of the memes discussed, including the Willy Wonka and Kermit the Frog memes.  In regards to audio work, I thought the use of background music was a nice way to tie everything together.  Sometimes there was some crackling in a few segments, especially when transitioning, but overall the show was pretty smooth.  Overall, excellent job!