A Project Week

This past week we largely focused on teaching our projects.  I believe Monday Ahad showed our table how he was focused on manipulating/distorting technology to create cool sounds.  It was a nice demonstration of how you can alter something’s intended purpose to create some interesting art.  On Wednesday I joined a group learning about creating your own adventure through basic coding, formulating different branched choices.  I really enjoyed this demonstration, as I thought it might be something neat to show my little sister.  She loves creating stories, and I bet she’d like creating a choose your own adventure.  I also think it’d be a good first exposure to some basic coding.  It was also nice to see Heather’s project.  She concluded by showing us her website, which she had earlier stopped by the DKC to get some assistance on.  It was really cool to see how she was able to successfully integrate the different plugins she had been exploring to create polished site.  Finally, on Friday I both finished and taught my own project.

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