Teaching My Project

On Friday I taught an aspect of my project.  Since such a large component was video-editing, I chose to show my classmates what I’ve learned in Adobe Premiere.  Unfortunately, since I don’t have the software on my laptop, this required a trip to the editing suite on the first floor, which may have deterred some prospective students.  But two people, Nicco and Ahad, did follow me down.  A smaller group also felt pretty informal, which helped relieve any nerves associated with teaching.  In showing them Adobe Premiere, I realized that I have learned quite a bit when it comes to the software, while also recognizing that I’m still familiarizing myself with it.  For example, in trying to show them the customizability of the of workplace, I accidentally made the timeline itself disappear.  Luckily Ahad showed me how to regenerate a new timeline, but it also demonstrated that the program is so customizable that it’s very easy to confuse yourself.  However, I was able to show them how to add media to the timeline, with and without sound.  I was also able to show them keyboard shortcuts, manipulating clips in the timeline, adding effects, adjusting audio through keyframes, and creating titles.  This really helped solidify that I really have learned a lot of practical skills in the process of working on this project, and while I still have much I can learn, I’ve made a very good start.  I also felt like this was similar to a DKC advanced video editing tutorial, which is always good practice.

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