Big Project Evaluation

Executive Summary: I believe I created a successful final project that fulfilled its purpose of providing me with more professional experience  with using more advanced video resources while also creating a fun video highlighting life at the DKC.  Over the course of this project, I ran into some technological challenges that ultimately impacted my schedule, but did not deter me from creating a video that I am proud of.

Rationale (adapted from Proposal Rationale): The purpose of this project was to elevate my video-editing skills to a more professional level.  To accomplish this, I created a video using Adobe Premiere.  The footage used was footage shot by me, as opposed to existing footage.  I have lots of experience creating fanmade and mashup movie trailers, but not much experience in shooting my own footage.  I believe this experience helped prepare for an internship I’ve secure for the spring with a short film/documentary company.  I gained some practical experience both with shooting footage and editing it.  The theme of the video was essentially a behind-the-scenes look at the DKC.

Risks, Challenges, and Opportunities:  The shooting itself went well, as I managed to secure footage of all of the tutors.  However, I also lost some footage, most likely due to a faulty codac.  This led to me having to do some extensive reshoots during the last week to ensure that I had enough footage to create a substantive video.  Initial editing also posed some challenges, as the first Adobe Premiere file I created became unreadable and I lost my initial work.  I was also limited by what equipment was available at the HCC front desk.  For example, the first time I tried to secure some equipment, all of the rode mics were already checked out.  On a smaller note, I also misspelled someone’s name in the published video.  If I could do things differently, I might have used the tripod more often to get steadier footage, and perhaps done some more research on optimizing the rode mic.  I would also have started editing sooner.

Resources: My main resources included a T5i camera, rode mic, and Adobe Premiere.  Other resources included my incredible coworkers at the DKC, who were very gracious as I filmed this project.  Potential additional resources could have included other Adobe products, such as Adobe After Effects.

Schedule:  I believe I started filming on time, but I underestimated the amount of time it would take to gather the footage I needed, and thus filming ran long.  This was compounded by the fact that I lost some footage, which required reshoots that bled into what I had set as the editing stage.  I ended up having about a week to work on editing as opposed to three weeks.

Outcome: I was very pleased with my final product.  I have some unique and interesting shots (largely static, but the angles and subjects were visually appealing).  The purpose of the video is fairly clear, with a nice intro session that sets up the tone and introduces the DKC, followed by a second, more informative section.  The transitions and flow are fairly good, especially in regards to the subtitles.  All of this demonstrates quality of work and evidence of effort.  While I could envision improvements to the video, I was very pleased by this attempt and how it turned out.

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