The Horror of To Kill A Mockingbird

I liked the idea of messing with the meaning of a book title.  Many are symbolic or draw from an important line in the story.  But taken out of context, their meanings may not be clear.  As such, this assignment had me essentially examine classic books with odd titles.  I immediately found To Kill a Mockingbird.  This is a classic story of childhood and race relations, but out of context the title essentially discusses death.  Perhaps it could be interpreted as a suspenseful horror novel?  Subject in hand, I searched for images of dead mockingbirds to create the backdrop for the horror edition of the book.  In advertising the title and author, I specifically used a font (AR DARLING) which evoked a horror feel with its slightly distorted lettering.  I used a related font (AR CENA) for the fake testimonial.  Naturally I used the master of horror, Stephen King, as the one giving Harper Lee praise for her new terrifying novel.  The final product gave me a good laugh, and is featured below.