DS106 Showcase

It’s pretty incredible the amount of work that this class has created.  There are some great minds in this class.  I was perusing many different assignments, seperating out those that especially struck my fancy, when I noticed a bit of a pattern.  All the assignments I was picking were visual.  Perhaps this is related to the fact that we are visual creatures, or perhaps it is simply that I am not a very good visual editor myself, and no how difficult it is to work with GIMP and Photoshop (hence my admiration).  Regardless, here are my top picks.


I specifically remember seeing this blog post a while back, which inspired me to try my own hand at creating a medieval story.  I remember being impressed with the visuals of the storytelling, and with the ability to successfully utilize a much older art form.


This is also from a post I remember seeing this semester that truly impressed me.  The visuals are striking.  The crumpled American flag immediately brings up connotations of broken politics, while the spade evokes the idea of cards (quite fitting for House of Cards) and the idea of chance or gambling.  Beautiful piece of work.


This last piece is from a post that I don’t recall initially seeing.  I of course loved the reference to the Lord of the Rings, but was also impressed with the post itself, which was very thorough.  The image is simplistic, but also powerful.  Eyes are great symbols (as evidenced by Sauron) and is apparently a reference to Dragon Age.  This was obviously quite time-consuming, and therefore warranted my appreciation.