Gabrielle: A Changing Character

My love of all things Xena: Warrior Princess should be well documented by this point, so it’s no surprise that I decided to try my hand at this assignment.  I’ve always been particularly impressed with Gabrielle as a character on the show.  She has an incredible growth arc, evolving from a naive farmgirl to a warrior over the course of six seasons.  To depict this evolution, I selected clips from my collection of Xena DVDs and arranged them in CyberLink PowerDirector.  I chose to use the song Sol Invictus by Audiomachine as my source of music, layering this audio over my footage.  The result is a fairly epic video provided below.

A Wonder Woman Mashup

I made this separately last week upon the release of the new Wonder Woman trailer, but it appears to fit this assignment, so I thought I’d share it with you all anyway.  I used CyberLink PowerDirector to edit together scenes from the first season of the original Wonder Woman series (starring Lynda Carter).  The audio from the new trailer is layered over this footage.  The result is a pretty sweet mashup of our two Wonder Women.

E.T.’s Friends Are Here

I liked the idea of trying to connect two pieces of movie dialogue, so I tried my hand at this assignment.  Probably the hardest aspect of this project was to find two comparable lines that could be combined.  I ultimately chose to use one of the “E.T. phone home” scenes from E.T. and the “They’re here” scene from Poltergeist.  I cut the two sections that I wanted and combined them in iMovie.  Both involved otherworldly beings, and both involved cute children, making the result fairly fluid.

The project was essentially another exercise in finding similarities in either the theme or subject matter between different films, while also emphasizing the importance of context.