Radio Show Progress

We’ve made some strong initial strides in planning our radio show.  We have a good group of 4 and have created a google drive document for planning.  Here we can brainstorm show ideas and provide our commercials, bumpers, promos, and contact info.    In my opinion, our most promising topic is this clown trend.  It’s taken the internet by storm, but appears to be blown out of proportion.  I think a lot of good discussion could be generated around this story, especially since the Fredericksburg area has had a recent scare.  In addition we’ve collectively completed 4 bumpers and 2 commercials (at the time this post was written), including ones that have a very creepy tone to compliment both the clown coverage and the October time-frame.  I personally contributed two major ideas (the clown segment and coverage of what many consider a major gaffe on O’Reilly) in addition to a minor one (the prevalence of a particular gif, which we may or may not add to the show as it’s a bit more visual in nature).  I also added one bumper, one commercial, and one promo.

In addition we began an email chain to grind out what days we’re available to meet.  Tentatively it looks like we can meet up Monday and Wednesday mornings.   Hopefully we’ll begin by meeting up Monday in the HCC to finalize planning and potentially begin recording.  At this time, I believe our overall format will be a few major stories broken up by some lighter, quicker ones, using our bumpers and commercials as transitions.