Classical Sia

I always enjoy the mashup video projects, so I decided to try the classical mashup assignment.  I chose Sia’s new music video The Greatest as my visual content.  Since the tone of the videos is more dire (as it is a tribute to the Orlando victims) I chose to use a more dramatic classical piece, Oh Fortuna (which also had a similar length of time).  I downloaded the entirety of the Sia video using File2HD.


I then removed the audio of the Sia video in iMovie and layered the audio from Oh Fortuna.  The result was surprisingly good.  Many of the musical hits match with visual elements in a very complimentary fashion.  I uploaded the video to YouTube, but I’m not certain if the video is playable in the United States (due to the automatic detection of Sia’s visual content), but it appears to be available in Australia if one uses the Hola chrome plugin.