5 Movies in 5 Seconds: The Reluctant Hero Trope

I enjoy finding patterns and commonality in movies, so I chose to explore common tropes with this assignment.  I chose to use the Reluctant Hero trope (one that is becoming especially common with the popularity of superhero films).  The characters I selected included Dr. Strange, Ripley from Aliens, Moses from The Prince of Egypt, Aragorn from The Lord of the Rings, and Wolverine from X-Men.  I grabbed the clips for each of these characters using File2HD.


I experimented with iMovie, selecting 1 second clips (which I felt conveyed the hero’s reluctance) and stitching them together.  The result is a fast paced demonstration of the similarities and diversities among protagonists.  In some ways it reminded me of the alignment chart which has become increasingly popular on the Internet as a way to categorize characters.  Both involve teasing out an analysis of what characters have in common with others.