The Karate Kid: A Video Essay

To be perfectly honest, perhaps the hardest aspect of this assignment was finding a suitable movie scene to analyze.  I wanted to ensure that it was meaningful to me, while also selecting a scene that was not dialogue-centric (as I figured it would be difficult to successfully overlap narration and dialogue without the piece becoming confusing).  Once I selected this scene, I recorded myself narrating my analysis in Audacity while playing the video.  This took several attempts, as the computer had trouble simultaneously recording me while playing sound.  I ultimately chose to mute the video while recording myself to address this problem.  I then downloaded the scene from YouTube and added it in CyberLink PowerDirector (my video-editing program).  I lowered the scene’s volume and then added my narration, adding a promotional image from the movie during the beginning and end of the video where there’s only voice-over).  Once satisfied with the product, I uploaded it to YouTube, where it can be viewed below.