Turning Your Friends Into Memes

I was immediately drawn to the What’s The Meme? assignment, as I’ve tried my hand at turning my friends into memes before.   The attempt was a very humorous endeavor that I found quite personally rewarding.  However, the final product was made with paint, and was somewhat frustrating as I couldn’t use any outline features for the text, which was ultimately something I hoped learn in choosing this assignment.


For this attempt, I first began by searching through my photos for funny/captionable moments.  After, previewing my selections, I opened one in paint to begin editing, but still could find no way to outline my text.  I decided to explore using GIMP or Photoshop as an option.  Unfortunately, Photoshop appeared to cost money, so I opted for the free version of GIMP.  While playing around with GIMP, I still couldn’t find a way to outline my text, so I resorted to a Google search that brought me to this article.  But I got stuck trying to create a path from text, so I switched gears to this article, which did a better job of explaining the process more thoroughly.  Even then I still had some hiccups.  Sometimes I hadn’t selected the correct box or option, resulting in incomplete fills, or worse, everything being filled.  But after some serious trial and error, I successfully created three memes of my friends, which continue to make me laugh.

air-marshalling direction skeptical