An Autobiographical Explanation of UvaSEP

I liked that this assignment was essentially about determining which characteristics define you.  So I ultimately went with describing a major aspect of my identity: my digital identity.  I chose to use my avatar as my cover background (this has been my standard avatar for around 4-5 years now).  I chose the title because my YouTube handle is UvaSEP.  This is a very odd username that was automatically derived from my first email.  This email was created for me at UVA’s Summer Enrichment Program.  It is completely arbitrary.  Yet my YouTube channel has almost 100,000 views, and this is the name my viewers know me by.  It’s a curious phenomenon, and one that I have simply procrastinated addressing.  As such, I figured its an odd enough situation to make an intriguing title that may potentially draw hypothetical readers in, while also referencing an important part of my life (namely video-editing).  The final product is below.


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