They symbolism of the Wonder Woman system is what makes it iconic.  The clear W shape naturally evokes her name, while the winged ends remind viewers of an eagle, thus closely tying her to American nationalism and her status as a diplomatic envoy to the US.

Wonder Woman Logo

The typography used to depict the name Xena is very interesting.  The capitalization and small spacing gives the name a strong appearance.  In addition, the coloring reminds the viewer of parchment (connecting the name to the shows Greek setting).  Finally, the stroke of the X closely resembles a sword, connecting viewers to Xena’s status as a warrior.

Xena Logo

The form/function/message side of Coppertone water babies is very interesting.  The visual is of a young girl being playfully grabbed by a dog in a reminder of childhood innocence (reminding potential customers that this product is designed for children).  Meanwhile the bathing suit and pink wave design remind customers of a beach scene, which is automatically connected to the sun, and thus, sunscreen.


The X appears to be the dominant feature in germ-X.  Not only does it appear to be the only capitalized letter, but it is bright red in color.  This places the emphasis not on the germs, but on the x, indicating that with this product, you will be getting rid of germs.

germ-x logo

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