Radio Show Design Project

I wanted to create a poster that introduces the basic premise of our radio show in an interesting and engaging way.  To accomplish this, I began by looking for a picture of a crowd.  My hope is that this would convey the fact that we are examining popular phenomena that spread from person to person.  I added this image to GIMP and referred back to this article for a refresher on how to outline text.  The style of the outlined text is similar in style to a meme (another phenomenon that often spreads in waves across the internet).  I had to play around a bit with the outlining technique, as the amount of individuals  in the image made it somewhat difficult to make the text stand out (I essentially had to increase the amount of black pixels for the outline to establish the right amount of contrast).  The final product is simplistic but hopefully effective (characteristics often seen in articles/other items that go viral).


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