Continuing Programming

This week has been an interesting dive into programming with Python.  In our first class, I was leading a discussion of patterns of code that went pretty well.  These sections of code were laying the foundations of programming, including covering the basics of organization and formatting (from content to spaces).  In our second class, I joined a fascinating discussion about the cultural and social context of programming.  We talked about how sometimes, choices in coding can leave people out, whether it be people with disabilities, nonbinary individuals, or senior citizens.  We ultimately talked about how capitalism makes it difficult to create the motivation to address these issues.  If the end goal is to make a profit, it’s easiest to sell to the easiest/most profitable/the majority market.  That ends up having consequences for those who are left behind in terms of access.  Finally, on Friday we had quick paired-up discussions of our project proposals.  These were very quick conversations that introduced our ideas and led to some back and forth with some suggestions.  I was able to run into a few other individuals working on video-related projects.  I’m excited to hear from these individuals when we get to the project-related teaching sections.  Overall I’m excited to start applying the foundations of Python and start delving into my individual project.

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