More Python

This week was a shorter week due to Fall Break, but we still went over some new information.  On Wednesday I learned more about the conditional, and on Friday I learned more about creating functions, the cultural implications of coding, and examining and manipulating strings (which I taught on Friday, which is covered in this post).  In some ways I’ve progressed faster and yet paradoxically more slowly than I thought I would.  It seems like I’ve started to cover some more creative aspects of coding, such as moving into the text chapters.  In this regard, I’m excited for the next few weeks, as I think I’m going to be exploring more complex and creative topics.  At the same time, many of the chapters we’ve covered so far have almost been review for me (covering the conditional, creating functions, etc.).  While this means I may not have learned as much new content as I was expecting, this is perhaps a testament to the coding skills I’ve already built over the past year or so.  I didn’t realize how translatable they would be to other languages, so this has been a pleasant surprise.  Overall, I look forward to continuing to progress in Python, and delving into the big project for the semester.

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