Moving Right Along With Python

This week has really been about solidifying some Python coding basics.  On the teaching days I’ve been a part of groups reviewing/reiterating material from chapters 5 and 6.  My hope is that this helps us move forward with more creatively oriented concepts in chapter 7 and beyond.  A lot of coding depends on syntax and correct structure, and it’s very easy to get an error from very simple mistakes.  My hope is that after this week I’ll have obtained the tools I need in order to avoid some of these errors in the future.

On Monday we had time to discuss our projects.  I had a really great conversation with Ahad.  My project is video-oriented, and I’ll be filming original content.  While I’m very familiar with video-editing, I’m not as familiar with audio-editing and audio recording, and I know that having quality audio is very important in creating a professional-grade video.  Ahad was able to provide some advice about some tips/tricks I could use to improve audio quality, and reiterated some of the microphone/camera advice I had gotten earlier.  I think he’ll be a resource I use in the future if I run into issues with my project.

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