Progress Report 3

I’m continuing to work on a mocumentary type video for the DKC.  My project hasn’t changed much since I first proposed it, simply solidified.  I think at this point I will be able to have portions of my video with simple music and text, and other portions that contain dialogue.  As far as accomplishments go, on November 6th and 7th I was able to secure a rode mic in addition to a camera, allowing me to capture some quality audio with my footage.  It took some time to figure out how to adjust the settings, but I was eventually able to do so.  My next step is to begin the editing process (and potentially do one more day of shooting since I’m missing one DKC tutor in my footage).  I’ll probably use Adobe Premiere on the DKC editing computer, and spend some additional time using the software in the editing suite on the first floor of the HCC if need be.  I may need some help/need to do some additional research regarding working with audio in Adobe Premiere.

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