ds106 Radio Bumper

This was a fun assignment that allowed us to try and creatively sell ds106 radio.  I actually began by creating the concluding fun tagline for the show, making my final decision by choosing a phrase that rhymed with “six”.  I then created the introduction with the station description, trying to keep the line short and sweet.  After writing out the two sections I recorded the statement on Audacity, keeping in mind the importance of trying to sound normal (rather than stretching to mimic some sort of fictitious “radio voice”).  Finally, I visited freesound.org to look for suitable background music, ultimately choosing a piece that was very close in length to my piece of verbal dialogue.  I then created a new stereo track and copied this music piece into Audacity to allow the piece to play concurrently with the dialogue.  I played around with the audio levels to make sure that the music did not drown out my narration.  Once I was satisfied, the final exported result was this lovely advertisement.