Hello World

This site is an expansion of a domain (annarinko.com) and subdomain (historyofgenocide.annarinko.com) I had already created in my FSEM from last semester.  I attempted to create another subdomain for this class, but couldn’t remember how to set it up.  So I attended one of the “Incubator” sessions at the Digital Knowledge Center, and created this subdomain.  I installed WordPress in both the subdomain and my main domain, since I was familiar with WordPress from last semester.  It was relatively user-friendly, and I hoped to build on the experience I had obtained from working on last semester’s blog.

On my main domain, I added my YouTube channel to my portfolio, and edited my About page, leaving the Cover Letter and Resume pages blank to be edited once I update those items.  On my subdomain, I edited the About page, and created a page devoted to my YouTube channel.  I also added my Digital Identity Analysis as my first post.  For both the domain and subdomain, I stuck to a more basic theme, but custom-edited the color scheme.  I hope to adjust the theme according to the content I ultimately place on these sites.

I want my domain to be a more formal site where I can highlight the information I want future employers to see first, in a controlled and professional manner.  In contrast, my subdomain can be slightly more informal.  I’m considering double-majoring in digital studies and communication, so this subdomain may be an area where I can place the digital studies portion of my work.  I look forward to further constructing and improving both sites in this class!

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