Xena Fandom

Xena: Warrior Princess quickly introduces a strong rapport between its two leads.

eye contact

The LGBT community quickly found the show

by the gods

And embraced it.

reverent kiss

The fandom quickly created websites, fanart, and fanfiction.

I have many skills

The fandom was especially revolutionary in the area of fanfiction, helping to establish terms such as femslash, and genres such as uber and altfic.

eyebrow raise

Though be careful.  Stumbling upon fanfiction you’re not prepared for…


While Xena/Gabrielle was the most popular ship, others existed.  The community’s general response to Xena/Ares shippers…

looking around

After all, the community is very protective of their ship


And intense shipping wars can ensue.

throwing chakram

15 years after the show ended, development plans for a reboot were announced.  Xena/Gabrielle shippers upon finding out that the new show will fully acknowledge the relationship.

I win


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