Constructing Construction

I like how everyday sounds, when taken out of context, can turn into something completely different.  This led me to try the Familiar Sounds assignment.  I began by recording my bathroom fan in Audacity.  The sound itself is very rhythmic, and has a somewhat industrial feel to it.  This led me to the second half of the assignment: creating a story.  I decided to compliment this industrial sound with other construction noises.  Using the free sound effects library in YouTube, I found sounds for hammering, starting a baler, and air nailing.  By combining these in new tracks within Audacity, it created a plausible construction scene.  This reminded me somewhat of the Foley video, in that familiar items can be used to create the sound effects for an unusual scene.  I’ve mentioned this theme before, but I feel that it’s worth mentioning how this also strengthens the idea of maintaining a somewhat skeptical mind.  First impressions (in radio, the Internet, and other mediums) can be deceiving, especially with the editing technology we have at our disposal now.

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