Werewolf Sound Effects

One of the must-do assignments was to create a story using only sound effects.  It took some pondering to figure out what I wanted to do.  I ultimately decided to create a werewolf attack.  You see, every Saturday my friends and I play a role-playing game called Werewolf (similar to Mafia or Town of Salem), whereby each of us is a citizen in a village that has a werewolf infestation.  This was essentially my inspiration.  So I went to freesound.org to search for suitable sounds.  I included wolf howling, some dark ambiance, heavy breathing, running through grass, door slamming, banging, a crash, dogs growling, and heartbeat sound effects.  One of the growling dog pieces I used was actually a dog hyperventilating, which created this really throaty effect that fit the piece well.  Honestly the hardest part was arranging all of the sound snippets in Audacity to create the atmosphere I wanted.  It was essentially a lot of tinkering.  The final product is below.

The story I was trying to convey is a man running from werewolves.  He reaches his home and bars the door, only to have the werewolves tear through and (presumably) attack him.  It concludes with the sound of a heartbeat that eventually ends…

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  1. Sounds very eerie. I also liked how the beginning sounds almost musical or I was thinking it kinda sounded like the alarm that firehouses use to signal that a call has come in. Which also works well in alluding that something bad is about to happen.

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