Web 2.0 Storytelling Reflection

Essentially I think the digital in “digital storytelling” simply provides a certain flexibility of structure.  The nature of stories remains the same.  It requires characters, a plot structure, themes, events, etc.  But it is the way in which these stories can be presented that has changed.  Writers can encourage their audience to not only comment on, but directly interact and participate in the story itself.  Content can be limited to 140 characters to encourage creativity.  First person narratives can be encouraged by blogs with their diary-like format, encouraging the formation of more character-centric stories.  It is these approaches that are new, not necessarily the art of storytelling (which is as old as history itself).  However, this is not to downplay the importance of the digital in “digital storytelling”.  The flexibility associated with these advancements allows for newfound avenues of creativity.  Perhaps those who otherwise might not have participated in the storytelling process are now being drawn to it.  New platforms with their unique limitations helps push authors to adapt creatively.  This ultimately adds another layer of richness to the type of content that is available to us.

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