Week 3 Summary

This week was a fun foray into the world of photography.  The Thinking About the Visuals of Storytelling assignment helped me evaluate my current photography skills and areas where I could make improvements (essentially in most areas).  I was also able to find images on Flickr that demonstrated these photography-improving techniques (many of these images were absolutely gorgeous, and provided a great series of goals to work towards).  Meanwhile the Photoblitz actually got me up and taking pictures!  This exercise in particular was quite fun, as it was truly experience-oriented.

I also found that the assignments themselves were quite fun.  The Meme assignment forced me to experiment with GIMP, which, while frustrating (as I was not at all familiar with the software), lead the creation of incredibly rewarding products.  Then came the Wanted Poster assignment, which allowed me to evaluate one of my favorite character’s history if she was viewed strictly as a villain by society (a very fun exercise).  I was also able to experiment some more with GIMP through editing a photograph to resemble a drawing, and creating an inspiring image from a bad photo.  I found that the more experience I gained with GIMP, the easier these projects became.  I also discovered that video tutorials were much easier to follow than written instructions when it came to learning how to properly use GIMP.  I’m hoping that by the end of the semester, I’ll be able to have a proper handle on this software.

Finally, I really enjoyed the daily creates this week.  Interestingly, two out of the three I chose were image-oriented (thus particularly fitting for this unit).


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