Concluding Python

This week began by discussing our final projects.  It was interesting to hear everyone’s progress and/or struggles.  It definitely sounds like the semester is ramping, and time management may be an issue for a lot of people as they juggle various end of semester assignments.  Once again I was able to talk with someone who was very much into audio work, and was very excited as I discussed my project.  I was able to bounce some ideas off of her, which was definitely of benefit.  At this point I’ve collected most of my footage, and I look forward to beginning to string it together in editing.

During the rest of the week, we concluded our Python lessons.  I had the opportunity to go over a bit more basic image-editing, and some more string work.  I think overall, I’ve definitely grasped the mechanics, basic syntax, and thought process of coding, in addition to most of the intricacies of Python 2.  Most of the practical creative potential I reached was in regards to strings.  Basic image-editing was interesting, but was similar to work I’ve done in JAVA.  Unfortunately I wasn’t able to get through more complex data processing applications, but this is something I could pursue on my own in the future.

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