Progress Report 2

I’m working on creating a mocumentary video centered on the DKC made shooting my own footage.  The project has not officially changed, but I’m thinking that audio recording will be at least a smaller aspect of my project (as opposed to a major component).  In the past week I was able to record a fair amount of footage on two separate days made using  an EOS rebel t5i camera from the HCC desk.  Unfortunately at that time they did not have a USB rode mic, so I was unable to collect audio on those days.  My hope is to use that footage with music and narration.  Hopefully the HCC desk will have a rode mic next week, and I can collect some video in conjunction with audio as my next step.  Then I can potentially blend the two styles (narration + proper audio/dialogue).  If I am pressed for time and unable to utilize a rode mic, I’ll utilize my narration/music strategy throughout the entire video.  In the event that I am able to collect audio, this will be the component I will need the most help with.  I haven’t worked with a rode mic before, so I may need some guidance with this, in addition to potential post-production work (manipulating audio in Adobe Premiere, etc).

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