Entering Programming

This week we had the opportunity to examine the more philosophical considerations regarding programming.  We discussed how coding (and hacking in particular) are portrayed in the media.  Most of these portrayals utilize unrealistic speed and idolize the coder as a misunderstood loner/hero.  We also analyzed different online programming tools, including their goals and rhetoric.  The rhetoric of ease seemed to be a fairly common pitfall across these platforms, indicating that programming is “easy” and “anyone” can learn it.  Finally we considered the implications of programming, and whether we have an imperative to learn it with the rising use of technology.  The article we discussed in class was pretty thought-provoking, even if the tone was somewhat dire for my taste.  I personally believe it is advantageous to have an understanding of technology since it such an integral part of our lives, and in many ways aligns with a well-rounded liberal arts curriculum.  Whether or not it’s a necessity, the lack of which will cause you to be “programmed”… I’m not sure I buy into that yet.

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