Ahad, myself, and Nicco constructed a minifesto from our respective ones we created before class.  The result was the following: “Coding is a valuable skill utilizing a blank canvas, creating something tangible from the nearly intangible.”  I believe this serves as a great jumping off point for my manifesto.  The phrase “valuable skill” suggests that learning coding is practical and has importance, adding a certain amount of imperative to mastering it.  The phrase “blank canvas” suggests a certain freedom to craft what you desire.  Finally, I believe the last section, “creating something tangible from the nearly intangible” can serve as a goal for the coding section of the class.  Essentially I hope to use the language of coding (the nearly intangible) to create a product that can successfully accomplish some task.  A “reach goal” would perhaps be to make my way to the Text III and/or the Statistics and Visualization chapters.  I have some basic knowledge, having had some exposure to html and having taken an intro to computer science lass over the summer (which utilized Java Applets), but have never worked with Python before.  I would love to be able to have a high enough proficiency with Python by the end of this semester to be able to put it as a skill on my resume.  But on a more philosophical note, I would love to be able to have a deeper understanding of computer programming and further my knowledge of the digital.

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